Key Benefits of Life Cube Shelters

Life Cubes are Versatile!

Life Cube is a rapid deployment airframe shelter system that simplifies and expedites emergency response efforts. It is the only tent system with an integrated hard-surface floor that unfolds into an inflatable airframe canopy and an interior storage space packaged in steel hoops that allow easy maneuverability over the most challenging terrains. It is an all in one solution for every emergency situation and temperatures ranging from minus-20 degrees up to 130 degrees.

Life Cubes are Innovative!

Life Cube has synthesized the cost/logistical of the standard canvas tent and the ruggedness and utility of a trailer with the speed and expandability of breakthrough inflatable technology.

Life Cubes are Customizable!

Life Cube offers medical shelters as well as a variety of other configurations. Optional equipment includes camp cooking equipment, two sleeping bags, First Aid kit, water filter, two gallons of potable water, MRSs for five people for five days, five nesting buckets, 100 feet of rope, rechargeable flashlights, shovel, multi-tools, hatchet, duct tape, toilet paper and a deck of cards. A CB radio and DVD player, solar panels, hammock style storage nets and a metal cable in the center of the cube that doubles as a surgical center if needed are also available.

Life Cubes are Equipped!

An electrical system with a 12-volt battery, solar panel trickle charger, lighting, electric pump, communications station, propane system with cooking stove and catalytic heater as well as an infrastructure system with table and telescopic uprights for wind support complete the shelter.

Life Cubes are Unique!

Life Cube is the only tent system with an integrated, hard-surface floor. Made from durable hard plastic, the shipping container serves a dual purpose by unfolding to create a sturdy 144 square foot raised platform. It also, serves as an anchor during moderate winds and from all the elements nature has to offer so no tie-downs

Life Cubes are Responsive!

Life Cube is easy to disassemble. The entire unit folds back into its industrial Rubix-cube like shape in just 20 minutes, rugged, fast and complete.

Lifecube for any Emergency LifeCube Shelters - Spacious and Convenient! Lifecubes are Perfect for Emergency Command Centres!

Life Cubes are Cost Effective!

Life Cube is designed to protect its occupants from the toughest elements while still maintaining a pleasing form. It can be maneuvered, placed and erected in minutes by two or three untrained persons and can be pre-stocked with end-used specific supplies. Most important of all; the Life Cube is cost-effective. Relative to the completion, it costs less per square foot while providing better utility. Is modular shape solves many problems associated with storage and shipping, simplifying logistics and shortening response time.

Life Cubes are Comprehensive!

The Life Cube has space for pre-installed components which can be configured to meet the specific needs of the user for emergency issues such as: