Meet the RedHawk Team

Cory Burry Cory Burry, President

Cory was raised in Newfoundland with strong ties to both land and sea. His survival training began at a very young age at the side of his father and grandfather, a master mariner of the sea. Cory learned respect for the power of Mother Nature while working in intense conditions and has witnessed some of the worst seasonal storms in history - storms that required first hand emergency responders, and left devastating damage in their wake. Cory has had many first hand experiences with the need for emergency preparedness and has seen many unnecessary losses and unfortunate deaths due to lack of preparation. Since then, Cory has devoted his career to disaster and survival training and emergency preparedness for individuals, groups, organizations and industries. Cory enjoys spending time with his family and friends whether for a family dinner get together, a day on the water or trip to the woods and cabin.

Cory works on a daily basis with Fortune 500 company executive management, as well as private and public investors; Canadian Insurance Association; Federal and Provincial health and safety policy writers; the Canadian Law Association; various First Nations; Members of Transport Canada, Canadian Firearms Association, Canadian Emergency Management Agency, and Canadian Search & Rescue; Colleges and Universities throughout Canada; National Defense, Special Forces, Home Land Security, FEMA, and World Bank representatives; the President of Haiti, H2 and Lloyds of London.

June Kaminski, Chief Education Officer

June Kaminski June Kaminski, RN MSN PhD(c) has taught and conducted curriculum development at Kwantlen Polytechnic University since 1989. Presently, she is Curriculum Coordinator for a hybrid BSN Post Baccalaureate degree program and a Research Coordinator for Arthritis Research Canada. She is currently a PhD Candidate, finishing her dissertation at the University of British Columbia, Faculty of Education, Curriculum and Pedagogy Studies. She was born and raised on the Great Lakes in Ontario in a small village surrounded by incredible natural beauty and intense weather conditions, but now lives on the West Coast of British Columbia with her large family.

June works as a curriculum development consultant, writer, and web designer with various organizations, with a specialty in e-learning, higher education, Indigenous pedagogy and well-being, informatics, and health related curriculum. June is passionate about environmental health and human connections, sustainability, First Nations health and education, and the empowerment of Canadians to assume responsibility for their own health and safety. She is currently Past President of the Canadian Nurses for Health and the Environment; Editor in Chief for the Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI); and Editor in Chief of the Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics.

Bruce McOuatt, Director of Planning

Bruce McOuatt

Bruce McOuatt, BA SCV has a lengthy career that has included urban and regional planning of communities in BC, Alberta and Internationally, including emergency services planning. In addition to his Bachelor's degree (geography, urban and environmental planning major), Bruce has received a scholarship to McGill University, Post Graduate Training at UBC and has taught self directed teamwork and applications programs for Oracle Applied Business Training. He has taught and joint ventured with Malaspina University, in cooperation with the Canadian Provincial and Federal Governments and been a community representative as Chairman of an Area Planning Committee and Community Futures. He has earned RLSS Award of Merit, Distinction and Instructors ratings with the Royal Lifesaving Society, also, Instructor's ratings with the Canadian Red Cross and National Lifeguard Society and he has served six years as an ocean charter captain.

He is a Canadian Yachting Association Designate with training in marine rescue, navigation and is also a N.A.U.I. diver/ex-pilot. He has served as an emergency services instructor with the Canadian Air Force, is an avid kayaker, skier and wilderness advocate. Bruce has also taken numerous survival programs provided through the Canadian Armed Forces and he has designed the curriculum for and delivered over four hundred applied training programs for Oracle that has included programs for coastal Aboriginal Peoples.

As a result of the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti and as a component of his sustainable Survival/Restoration policy, Bruce has most recently acquired program approval by the Government of Haiti and resources for the creation of a distance learning faculty, off the grid/Leeds project to establish a new University and Library Complex in Haiti through HabitacionHaiti (h2). He was also instrumental in securing an agreement to design/build an oceanographic whale recovery and Coast Guard Rescue Centre in Haiti. This international work has led to a current initiative to provide a model for Canadian post disaster funding as a component of Canadian Foreign Policy. As Senior Coordinator for Emergency Preparedness and Response at RedHawk, Bruce and the Red Hawk team will establish a model and plan for emergencies that will coordinate community resources and RedHawk's Programs for survival and restoration of services and infrastructure made necessary by a natural or man-made disaster.

Andrea King - International Business Development Consultant

Andrea King

Andrea King, MBA MA a native-Newfoundlander, has over 15 years experience in international business development and has worked in over 25 countries. With her inventive thinking, broad world perspective and multi-sector experience, Andrea can quickly and expertly devise plans and identify the right products and training to help companies and organizations achieve operational efficiencies to ensure future success.

Her world experience with disaster mitigation as a key part of international development projects, her belief in emergency preparedness planning, as well as her love of outdoor adventure, brought her to the Red Hawk Survival Training Institute.

Andrea has worked with the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. In addition to working with the United States Government and the Government of the United Kingdom, Andrea has worked with several Canadian Government Departments including International Trade, the Canadian International Development Agency and Foreign Affairs Canada.

Andrea is a graduate of London Business School’s Executive MBA program, has a Master of Arts Degree in International Relations and a Bachelor of Arts in Russian Studies.

Sheila Campbell - Director of Emergency Management

Sheila Campbell

Sheila Campbell, BA holds a bachelor of arts in Applied Disaster and Emergency studies: planning and management from Brandon University. She was first interested in disaster management when in 2000 she gained a role as emergency coordinator with the Red Cross in BC where she led an emergency response team.

Sheila is an emergency planner, trainer and developer of emergency exercises, policies and procedures and safety processes and has been involved in response, recovery, and planning for governments, First Nations, and oil and gas companies. She has gained much experience in emergency management such as working in Indonesia during tsunami recovery alongside the UN, numerous NGO's, and the Indonesian government and flood planning and response with military, emergency services, public utilities, and Provincial, Local and Federal government. Sheila has also co-created an emergency continuity and recovery planning college certificate program, trained and created emergency exercises, conducted research for emergency education, and has been involved in fire response, and oil and hazardous material spills.

John Melindy, Director of Survival & Marine Safety

 John Melindy

John Melindy, Fishing Master Class 1V, started fishing commercially in NL in the mid 1970s and continued until the late 1980s at which time he began a career in fisheries consulting. His experiences as a consultant have led him to many interesting exotic places and exciting projects. For a long time his main client was the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) where he coordinated programs and monitored projects on land and at sea and provided industry advisory services.

His works with DFO lead him to Saglek Fjord in northern Labrador where for three summers he helped local Inuit develop river traps for live capture of Arctic Char. This set the stage for his introduction to the high Arctic. In Nunavut he has worked for government, industry, Nunavut Arctic College, Nunavut Fisheries Training Consortium and Inuit organizations. His work in the Arctic on the land and at sea varied from fisheries development, project management, curriculum development, instruction, administration, to film making. He still continues to carry out some contract work for clients in the north; however, during the last couple of years he has spent most of his time working for Trinav Marine Brokerage Inc. and Trinav Fisheries Consultants Inc.

He has spent several decades working on the Atlantic Ocean from the Grand Banks of NL to northern Labrador and into the Arctic Ocean from Baffin Island, to Hudson Bay and west to the Coronation Gulf. During these times he encountered many major storms, challenging sea states, ice infested waters and bear attacks. In addition he has endured long periods of isolation, living in tents while working on projects out on the land in the Arctic. These experiences tested his survival skills many times in very adverse and challenging conditions. He is delighted to share his experiences in emergency preparedness and survival.

Nickolas Serna, Director- Urban Survival & Active Shooter Preparedness

Nickolas Serna

Nickolas Serna, BA, BSW, MSW(c) has worked in the Child Protection and Community Corrections fields since 1999 with additional experience working with youth at risk. Primarily Nickolas has worked with various levels of offenders addressing root causes to maladaptive and inappropriate behaviors. In depth work linking thoughts and feelings to behaviors in order to work with the offender to affect lasting, pro-social, changes. Additionally Nickolas has trained martial arts since the late 1980s branching off to the Self Defense and Reality Based Personal Protection field in 2005.

Nickolas has trained with some of the leaders in the Personal Protection industry focusing on easy to learn, realistic biologically programmed movements to address real life dangers stemming from anti-social to asocial violence. The personal protection training starts with situational awareness, threat assessment and FEAR management that leads to realistic responses to real life situations. The over arching principle guiding personal protection training is developing a survival mindset that can be applied to any situation.

Dale Wright, Emergency Preparedness Consultant

Dale Wright

Dale is an experienced sales professional with a background in expeditionary, rapidly deployable base camp systems. He specializes in cold weather operations focusing on heat systems and human factors. Dale has participated in numerous military and first response exercises and led the development of products to enhance operations capability in austere environments. Dale is an exceptional customer relations manager with a focus on the client, and supply management.

Dale Wright brings over 20 years of experience in the field of emergency response and expedition systems sales and design to the team. He has participated in disaster response exercises in Europe, the USA and Canada, and contributed to the systems design and implementation of several expeditionary capability product sets including - US Marine Corp's Unit Operation Center, US Air Force "Bear Base Program" and Canada's Heavy Urban Search and Rescue National Task Force. His understanding and experience in emergency response and logistics requirements to adapt to austere environments is a valuable and rare mix of synergistic technologies and disciplines.

Konstantin Weingarten, Director - Corporate & Airport Security

Konstantin Weingarten

Konstantin has worked worldwide in law enforcement and security related matters in a variety of capacities, from Governments to multimillion dollar corporations. His extensive experience is multi-faceted including roles such as police officer, military police ,police instructor, Close Protection work, K9 Handler, K9 instructor, K9 trainer, security consultant (cert.) Private investigator(cert.) airport safety and security manager.

He has also developed Emergency Response Programs for airports that were approved by Transport Canada. This program development for airport safety and security was done with the appropriate government agencies, resulting in the implementation of a gate card system that is unique in BC for airports in cooperation with federal law enforcement agencies. Additional training and experience in terrorism, intelligence, counter intelligence, sabotage and espionage are just a few of his other qualifications.

Jim H. Henry, Marine and Wilderness Survival Instructor

Jim H. Henry

J.H. (Jim) Henry is a former 3 Commando Paratrooper who is one of the rare individuals, fortunate enough to serve time in all three branches of the Canadian Armed Forces. An expert in navigation, Jim has a myriad of experience both in extensive survival and first aid training, and real life scenarios.

He has spent time abroad in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East experiencing different cultures first hand, while confirming how great we have it here at home. He is an Advanced Open Water Diver, former National Skeleton Team Athlete, and has a list of stories which continue to bore even the most patient and loyal of wives. Jim's experiences have taught him that stuff happens, but a successful outcome when crises happen is all about preparation; your training, your gear, and your mindset. In his spare time Jim works on his old cars and enjoys the outdoors with his family, snowmobiling, quadding and frequenting the many lakes at his disposal.

Alain Desmot - Marine Emergency Preparedness Consultant

Alain Desmot

Master Mariner Captain Alain Desmot has been in command of prestigious training and scientific expedition vessels, sail or power, in all oceans of the world for more than 25 years. Alain has logged well over 350,000 miles, and brings both depth and breadth of maritime knowledge and extensive experience in the marine industry. French Born in West Africa, Alain holds Canadian and New Zealand citizenships as well as a Thai residency. Excited about his future with RedHawk Institute, he can?t wait to get to work: "Ships and Oceans are my life!"

Alain has trained hundreds of navy cadets and multinational students over the years and provided critical Maritime Art & Science focusing on safety and group performance. "I coached my students how to perform as a team in response to life-threatening and emergency situations, inspiring self-confidence and acceptance of personal responsibility. Navigation in all oceans of the world has taught me humility, prudence, awareness and camaraderie."

Alain joined the Canadian Coast Guard as Marine Coordinator in Search and Rescue missions and prior to this completed three world circumnavigations as Captain in Command of some of the most beautiful luxury Mega-Yachts sailing around the Globe. "These years dedicated to a lifetime passion for the "Blue Planet?"have drawn the best of me."

Chelsea Mogridge, Corporate Programs Consultant & Instructor

Chelsea Mogridge

Born and raised in Toronto, Chelsea learned about the importance of self-safety at a young age. After a near life changing incident she went on to turn the dark into something empowering. Chelsea received training at the Baden K9 in Wellandport, including Tactical K9 deployment training of weapons work, criminal apprehension, crowd control, hostage recovery, night recon target identification, narcotics, explosives accelerant detection and Search and Rescue. She has been involved in training both K9 and handler for RCMP, OPP, St. Johns and Military Search and Rescue teams. Her experience and expertise has saved lives, counteracted criminal activity and later gone on to enrich civilian lives and their working K9 companions. Chelsea has spent the last 5 years working in the Canadian oilfield and seismic industries and has proven to be an amazing manager and tutor to her staff and fellow colleagues. Safety and prevention are her foremost specialty along with customer and client service.

Cheryl Steiert, Corporate Programs Consultant & Instructor

Cheryl Steiert

Cheryl has held an OFA Level 3 ticket for the past 9 years working in a wide variety of environments. In the beginning Cheryl started out on railway sites and road building. Over the years this changed to residential, commercial and industrial construction. Recently, Cheryl has worked in the oil and gas industry where there was a higher risk of more severe injury and accident. Work locations ranged from pump stations and storage tanks to the mountains along the pipeline, construction sites down steep rocky embankments and hard to reach railways. This gave Cheryl a lot of experience in several different types of evacuation and rescue planning as well working with various hazards.

Cheryl also holds WHIMIS, H2S alive and Confined Space Awareness certificates and OFA Level 1 First Aid Instructor certification. Cheryl has seen first-hand how important proper first aid care is over the years and values the importance of accident/injury prevention on job sites. This being said, Cheryl is continuously climbing the safety ladder and taking as much training in different areas as she can to effectively deliver the importance of proper safety and treatment to her students so they will be able to confidently perform their duties.

Lise Amber, International Marketing

Lise Amber Lise Amber has a degree in Science, Law and Business Administration Management from the University of Moscow in Russia. Practicing Business Law and working for various International Projects more then 15 years, she is Involved in the international business community and related networking and as well she is a member of key International Business Clubs and Associations.

Lise works with Canadian and USA Chambers of Commerce, the Canadian-European Business Association (CERBA), The Vancouver-Based World Trade Center, The Arctic and Northern Forum, The Calgary Petroleum Club and numerous other high profile organizations related to International and Northern Sustainable project work.

Lisa has also worked for Alaska National Geographic, and at sea for the Marine industry and she has established and developed her own sustainable eco project in Central America. Passionate about sport and the arts, she combines her enjoyment of challenges and adventure with outstanding business skills on RedHawk's planned series of projects as Director of International Marketing and Administration. --

Greg O'Connor, Wilderness Therapy

Greg O'Connor Greg O'Connor is a Registered Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in wilderness therapy for abused women and troubled youth. Greg has a strong background of personally embracing the wilderness and benefitting from it's healing capacity, working with others; and creating wilderness programs for youth at risk and women's groups through his Inward Experiences services. Greg combines awareness and experience in the wilderness with training as a psychotherapist to witness incredible achievements by members of groups he leads, as they work through their pain or stuckness and experience healing and growth beyond their greatest expectations. Greg co-leads our RedHawk Wilderness Therapy events, adding a professional presence to our special healing Wilderness experiences.

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